The Light Technique

75 minutes | 90 minutes

The Light Technique is a unique and effective treatment developed by Katie Light to address both the physical and emotional issues affecting your wellbeing. Katie combines dynamic massage techniques, NLP, Reiki, energy balancing and proven therapies to leave you feeling positive, energised and focused.

Working with body and mind, Katie will shift energy blockages through intuitive massage, energy balancing and by changing thought processes, associated behaviours and patterns.

The Light Technique Fertility Treatment

75 minutes | 90 minutes

This nurturing treatment will involve a combination of techniques, treating not just the concern, but you the person. Ideal for women planning a pregnancy or going through IVF, Katie tailors your treatment using abdominal and sacral massage, reflexology, reiki and wellness coaching to help rebalance your body, mind and emotions.

Bodywork & Massage

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Bodywork and massage session with Katie are never the same twice. Katie works intuitively and combines a range of techniques including deep tissue, aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, drainage, reflexology, stretching, deep relaxation and colon massage.


60 minutes

Reiki activates the natural healing processes and restores physical and emotional wellbeing. It is an amazing tonic for restoring your energy levels which can become depleted due to the stresses of daily living.

A gentle yet powerful treatment that will leave you feeling lighter, relaxed and invigorated.

Wellbeing Facials

Each facial with Katie has a specific focus on lifting and toning massage techniques to alleviate stress, slow down the signs of ageing and promote total wellbeing. Using the purest of organic ingredients that connect with the body’s energy points, Katie works to remove tension and toxins by opening the energy flow to the face and body to restore harmony and glowing skin. Katie treats a full range of skin conditions by understanding and treating the cause as well as the skin. Previous complaints she has lent her healing hands to are:

 Lack of skin tone and Elasticity | Acne & problematic skin | Hormonal breakouts | Ezcema | Dryness & dehydration


De Mamiel - Rhythm of Nature Holistic Facial

90 minutes

The de Mamiel treatment draws upon the traditions of Chinese medicine. You will receive a full skin diagnosis incorporating your personality traits, skin type and any elements which may be out of balance, putting back inner harmony and providing a tonic for what the skin needs now – at this moment in time. The treatment is a truly holistic series of rituals helping to ease the transition from one season to the next. It’s designed to realign the body, mind and spirit, giving an overall rejuvenation to the face skin tone and texture, leaving the skin looking brighter, beautifully luminous and renewed.

De Mamiel Pollution Proof Facial

60 minutes

A deep cleansing facial which releases tension from the muscles and ligaments in the face allowing for increased circulation, healing and an energised complexion. It uses an innovative Cleanse Release 10 technique, herbal compresses, and qi-rejuvenation massage. These techniques are applied with unique herbs, botanical extracts and healing seasonal oils, work to not only help repair any past damage, but most importantly to prepare and protect from further environmental stress.

The atmosphériques collection is the ultimate innovation in urban skincare. After intense research, it has been formulated to repair and protect skin from oxidative damage caused by environmental stresses we encounter everyday.

Elequra Youth Capture Facial

60 minutes

More than a facial, this treatment includes sculpting facial techniques designed to help prevent the signs and effects of ageing by stimulating the tissue, relaxing the muscles and allowing more oxygen to skin cells which increases collagen and improves elasticity. Katie combines these techniques with Elequra products. Powerful, luxurious and potent, they are bio-designed and scientifically enhanced using natural ingredients.

This facial targets skin rejuvenation and is an intense treatment leaving the skin revitalised and radiant.

Spiezia Head in Heaven

75 minutes

A deeply relaxing back, head and facial treatment combining beautifully fluid and soothing massage movements with a calming rhythm to surround you with a comforting harmony. Breathing meditation and slow Tui Na chinese massage techniques ease tension, rebalance the body and leave you with a feeling of complete tranquility.   

This special treatment can be offered to people with Cancer and has been created in partnership with the Made For Life Foundation and is supported by Macmillan.

De Mamiel Rest Easy Sleep Treatment

60 minutes | 90 minutes

The De Mamiel Rest Easy treatment has been designed to create space for you to unwind, restore and repair. Moving from the noise and chaos of the outside world ready for a calm and restful night, it will allow you to drift off into an easy sleep.  

This treatment soothes and relaxes all the senses, using the De Mamiel botaniques sleep series together with healing touch and specialised massage techniques, this treatment will leave you feeling totally relaxed, and eases the tension of the daily stresses of life.