de Mamiel Rhythm of Nature Holistic Facial - Brighton

de Mamiel Rhythm of Nature Holistic Facial - Brighton


90 minutes | £105

The de Mamiel treatment draws upon the traditions of Chinese medicine. You will receive a full skin diagnosis incorporating your personality traits, skin type and any elements which may be out of balance, putting back inner harmony and providing a tonic for what the skin needs now – at this moment in time. The treatment is a truly holistic series of rituals helping to ease the transition from one season to the next. It’s designed to realign the body, mind and spirit, giving an overall rejuvenation to the face skin tone and texture, leaving the skin looking brighter, beautifully luminous and renewed.

The therapy includes facial and body acupressure, herbal compresses and Qi rejuvenation massage. These techniques, uniquely applied and specifically chosen to deliver results using nature’s finest herbs, botanical extracts and healing seasonal oils, working to not only help repair any past damage, but most importantly to provide relief from the imbalances within our bodies such as insomnia, digestive issues and emotional stress.


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