“I have travelled the world practicing many therapies, speaking and educating at global conferences and learning from many experts along the way. This vast amount of knowledge and experience gained, has led me o develop The Light Technique; a unique blend of both ancient and contemporary mind and body therapies, offered in one treatment package that is tailored to the individual.”


Meet Katie Light

Katie started her career as a beauty therapist over 20 years ago and has travelled the world with her practice, speaking at global conferences and providing consultancy services for companies including Aromatherapy Associates, Elequra, De Mamiel, Virgin Atlantic and Legology.

In addition to being a practitioner, Katie works with leading brands to design treatments and lends her expert knowledge to articles on skincare, wellness and wellbeing. She has has been featured in many leading titles and has a number of celebrity clients.

Katie now practices The Light Technique in her hometown of Brighton, in Knightsbridge and at Aqua at the Sanderson in London. Katie also runs wellness workshops and retreats throughout the UK and Morocco. Take a look at my blog for more information on these.


About The Light Technique

The Light Technique is a unique and effective treatment developed by Katie Light to address both the physical and emotional issues affecting your wellbeing. Katie combines dynamic massage techniques, NLP, Reiki, energy balancing and proven therapies to leave you feeling positive, energised and focused.

Working with body and mind, Katie will shift energy blockages through intuitive massage, energy balancing and by changing thought processes, associated behaviours and patterns. This profound change will leave you with a sense of wholeness, and a new and exciting perspective on life!

“It has taken me many years to refine my unique approach to treating each individual. I know time is precious so during your time with me, my priority is to find the best treatment combination for your particular needs.”



Stress can affect us in many different ways, manifesting in the body and mind and affecting how we function and cope with our daily lives.

The Light Technique can treat:

  • Insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, exhaustion

  • Stress and anxiety, panic attacks

  • Grief and loss

  • Hormonal imbalances – adrenal/menopause/skin conditions

  • Muscular fatigue, nerve & joint problems

  • Emotional eating - weight-loss or gain



We’re often told to take better care of ourselves but most of us either don’t have the time or don’t know where to begin. The secret lies in Katie’s retreat and workshops where she provides transformative retreats in beautiful settings. All held in combination with one to one wellbeing sessions and personalised therapies including:

  • Mindfulness meditation

  • Personalised coaching sessions

  • Nutritional advice

  • Lifestyle talks

  • Holistic therapies

  • Yoga

  • Body work

You will leave feeling empowered, restored and inspired. Please visit www.triliferetreats.co.uk for more information.